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Learning How to Win an Ex Back

Posted on April 14, 2018September 11, 2018Posted in Love Matters

In order to win an ex-girlfriend back, it is often necessary to learn as the immediate action is usually to beg and grovel and those certainly are not the best ways to go about it. It could perhaps, therefore, be said that how to get your ex girlfriend back is more of an art than a natural reflex. Begging does work in many instances but why it is considered wrong is because in cases where a girlfriend has been won back through begging, the relationship rarely lasts. The reason for this is thought to be two-fold. First, the girl may only return through pity and pity never lasts and so the relationship will again end and this time may not be reversible. The second reason is that when a man begs for anything, it is seen by a girl to be a sign of weakness and so if a boy has to resort to begging in order to get his girl back, the man will look weak in the girl’s eyes and that too can lead to a renewed breakup somewhere in the near future.

So how do you learn how to win an ex back? Well, there are several websites which are now designed specifically to help with that and they are almost all in agreement that begging is a bad option but also most will agree that a certain amount of groveling will have to be necessary. The consensus is that in order to get a girl back, you must first learn what the reason was why she left you in the first place and although in some instances that may be obvious, in others it may not be so obvious and so you must find out.

It could be that you have other girls, she doesn’t like the friends you have or just the way you dress or the way you act when you are together in public but whatever it is, she will believe that you can change and so changing for her will be a great plus. In most cases just telling her you have changed or promising to change will not win her back, you are going to find a way to prove it to her. If it is a case of just buying new clothes or stop seeing other girls, it may be easy to do but other things may be more difficult and having to not see your friends in order to win her back can be rough.